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Yoga Practices
Clive Harman

Yoga Practices

Yoga is comprehensively known as a form of exercise that stretches and strengthens the body through various poses known as ASANAS. For some people yoga is the realisation of inner self satisfaction. For others it is a religion that they believe and must follow.

All of this statement makes it hard to really make a full realisation of what yoga is.

So what is yoga?

Yoga goes far beyond just mere exercises full of awkward routines. Yoga is the union of mind, spirit and body. Yoga comes from the Hindu philosophy used to attain spiritual insight and harmony.

What is yoga?

Yoga as a rule refers to the general use of a system of exercises that is practiced as part of this discipline.

The word is derived from the Sanskrit "yeung", which means to join. A yoke as used on oxen is closely related, but also the same root gives us "join", "junction", "junta", "adjust", "joust", and "juxapose" to name a few.

There are many institutions of yoga all of which have their own unique practices and beliefs. But in this article we have listed down the five most common yoga practices.

However, schools and paths have been established with many different variations that aren't listed here.

HATHA: this is the most popular variety of yoga and one that has been commonly taught for years. So what is yoga for them? For them it is perfecting the mind by way of perfecting the body.

With this technique many asanas or postures, breathing techniques and meditations are used.

ASHTANGA: this yoga is another popular type they are much faster than the other schools. What is yoga for ashtanga's?

For them yoga can be considered as a type of aerobic yoga for they instill quick and smooth transitions between poses.

KUNDALINI: This school is focused on awakening and focusing what is known as kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is most easily compared to life energy that lies dormant in our bodies. It is commonly represented by a coiled snake.

MANTRA: this type of yoga is focused on calming the mind and body through the usage of words and sounds. The well known 'om' chant is commonly heard in this school.

TANTRA: This type of school is well known by way of its focus on sexual spirituality. They also focus on kundalini energy, although their intent for awakening it is much different from the Kundalini practice.

Yoga is a very diverse practice, no matter which school you choose. People young and old can gain many benefits from regular yoga practices, and asanas can be adjusted to fit physical limitations and other complications.

If you want a break from treadmills, weight rooms, or the pool, take a look at yoga. Not only are you striving towards physical well being, you are striving towards spiritual well being as well.

Traditionally, yoga consists of eight fundamental paths which are Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga; Hatha Yoga; Purna Yoga; Tantra Yoga; Maha Yoga and Ashtanga or Raja Yoga. In the western world, the term yoga often refers to Hatha yoga and its postures, movements, and breathing techniques.

The ultimate goal of yoga is the attainment of liberation from worldly suffering and the cycle of birth and death. Yoga entails mastery over the body, mind, and emotional self, and transcendence of desire. It is said to lead gradually to knowledge of the true nature of reality. For more information on yoga please refer to my free beginner's guide to Yoga e-course here

Clive Harman

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Clive Harman

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